Friday, April 02, 2004

Can anyone tell me what happend to Anistropy's blog?

For two days, I've gotten this message on blogspot.com:

"The following Blog*Spot page was not found."

Thursday, April 01, 2004

It's pathetic, but I'm stoked!

I just won my first tournament ever, a $10 + $1 7 stud one at Party. I don't play .50/$1 stud at Party because the antes are disproportionately huge, and Lizzie Tight here has no idea how to loosen up her play accordingly. (So I play at Paradise, where the competiition is tough, but the antes are zero for .50-$1.) But the Party tourney was the cheapest one I could find this evening. First prize: $40.

For the record, I've only played two tournaments before, one online, probably hold 'em, didn't make the money; and one stud 8 at the Tropicana, where I made it to about the top third, no money. Since then, I've read that there is rampant cheating and team play by sleazebag locals at the Trop tournaments, so I have not been inclined to try again.

For my winning experience at Party, I'd had several glasses of Courvoisier, so maybe that helped my ability to "read their souls" [tm that wanker Phil Hellmuth].

I wonder what playing poker with Napoleon, the patron of Courvoisier, would have been like. I never gave a rat's ass about Napoleon until I read a wonderful book called The Emperor's Last Island by Julia Blackburn. It's not so much about history and politics as it is about loss and depression, two of my favorite subjects. Highly recommended, 5 stars on the Suited Trash rating system, same as Iggy's blog.

Back from the sick and despairing, if not the dead, here.

When I came back from AC, my low state of mind caused by winning small and losing big was followed the longest-lasting flu/cold/whatever I've ever had. Then I was quite depressed over everything in general, and poker in particular.

I've been playing no-ante stud (on Paradise, since Party's low-limit stud structure has insanely high antes) and doing well. I'm getting ready to go back to AC, less because I want to play there but because there's stuff in our apartment I must organize and move back to NYC.

Anyway, for now, I'm changing the theory of this blog. Instead of keeping tabs on all poker blogs, I'm only going to note the ones that really send me (although I will try to keep a complete list of links going to the right).

I'll talk about my own attempt to consistently make a profit playing stud. (Are any other bloggers at all playing stud, or is the poker blogosphere a hold-'em-only deal?)

I find hold-'em, which at low limits is filled with gangs of obnoxious young guys capping every street, too much like bingo on crack. It's hard to see where the skill is. I also don't enjoy the company of the little knit hat and sunglasses-wearing weasels.

I've done better in Omaha, but the Omaha players in AC are such a pack of unpleasant, dealer-abusing and possibly colluding regulars that the small profit isn't worth it. Not that the stud players are delightful; they're just less horrible than their Omaha counterparts.

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